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Wisdom tooth removal is usually suggested after a thorough check up and evaluation by your Dentist at Peña Adobe Dental Care, Dr. Amani Takher, DMD. The tooth (teeth) is (are) removed through a surgical process which can result in severe swelling and pain for at least three days after the procedure has taken place.


You will be asked not to drink or eat anything at least 12 hours before the surgery. Depending on the number of wisdom teeth being removed, the severity of pain and complexity of procedure may change. As per a general rule, local anesthesia is given to numb the jaw and gums. If a tooth is underneath the gums and impacting another tooth, the procedure would involve a minor incision to extract the tooth. The tooth will be separated from the bone and removed either in one piece or several small pieces for greater ease.


It can take at least three days for minor bleeding to stop after the surgery has been conducted. You may also experience pain or soreness while opening your jaws or talking. You can gently swirl around salt water in your mouth to minimize the swelling after 24 hours. It is advised to eat light and avoid the foods that would require chewing. Also, avoid any sort of exercise or rigorous activities at least few days after the procedure to prevent pain and infections.


On average, the wisdom teeth extraction can cost anywhere from $70 to $200 for a single tooth using local anesthesia. If, however, all four teeth are being removed then the price can increase. The cost can vary significantly depending on the severity of the infection and complications involved with the surgery.

If you are looking for a good high quality and reliable dentist to carry out your wisdom tooth extraction at the most reasonable rates, then get in contact with us.

Pena Adobe Dental: Dentist Vacaville

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