Press Release 

Best Vacaville Dentist Using New Dental Occlusion Imaging Technology

Dr. Amani Takher, DMD, employs advanced T-Scan III to diagnose dental occlusion with increasing detail and efficiency.

Vacaville, CA — 02/14/19 — Vacaville dentist Dr. Amani Takher, DMD, employs a variety of state-of-the-art technologies at his practice, renowned for increasing patient comfort, reducing visit length and improving results. The field of dentistry is full of technological advancements that claim to improve a doctor’s practice and provide new solutions for patients. Dr. Takher carefully investigates and inspects each innovation before introducing it in his office, ensuring that each new tool or procedure is right for his practice and his patients, individually and as a whole. One of the recent technological advancements added to his arsenal is the T-Scan III System.


T-Scan III occlusion analysis provides better, more detailed results when determining how to adjust patients’ bites once symptoms arise. This sophisticated sensor allows the realtime recording of teeth contact in 3D, recorded as the patient bites down and moves the teeth sideways or back to front. The data is viewable in intervals of 0.01 seconds for the duration of the 310 second recording. The T-Scan grid-based sensor technology and occlusal analysis system creates an easier, more accurate way to measure occlusal timing and force.


Traditionally, dental occlusion has been a matter of artistry and “close-as-possible” mold and filling creation for dentists and staff, using antiquated materials like articulation paper, wax, pressure indicator paste and more. The mold-making process was then followed up by a manual filling, crown or replacement process which resulted in more inconsistencies. None of these techniques enabled the doctor to measure time and force the way the T-Scan III does with its revolutionary grid-based sensor technology. More progressive practices worldwide are employing the computerized occlusal imaging advancements featured in the T-Scan III.


The T-Scan III conveniently connects directly to laptops and computers in each operating room and office, allowing analysis of each patient’s bite after 5 minutes of development in any of our treatment rooms. The vivid display and detailed graphic imagery make determining the balance of each patient’s perfect bite simple to adjust and create. Data can then be printed for patient files, education and insurance documentation. Altogether, this advanced system helps reduce the experience of implant failure, traumatized teeth, unstable dentures, ineffective splints, porcelain fractures and overall patient discomfort.


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